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Adventures with Hanuman

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Raghu is lying in bed, bored and longing for adventure, when his wish suddenly comes true. Hanuman, till now only a friendly face on a poster, appears by his bed. He invites Raghu to join him as he sets off to help Rama rescue Sita from Lanka. Soon, Raghu finds himself flying, seated on Hanuman’s shoulder and, along with his new friend, he leaps across the sea, reaches Lanka and finds Sita. Battling rakshasas and demons, changing size and finding his way through the maze that is Ravana’s palace, Raghu has the best adventure of his life with the cheerful and brave monkey god!

Funny and endearing, Hanuman comes to life like never before in this zany retelling of his adventures, all accompanied by exciting and lively illustrations.

  • A charming retelling of Hanuman’s story from a modern child’s point of view.
  • Stories of Hanuman are always popular and in demand among children.
  • Author is a well known name in the adult writing space particularly on Indian mythology.
  • Beautiful and lively illustrations make this an attractive book to read and look at.

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